REAP is installed at major multi-nationals... in place of ERP based solutions. That’s because it’s easy to learn and use by Corporate RE departments.
    Query BuilderTM uses the field labels you know, making creating reports on the fly a breeze.
    NTrust provides both technical and back office services to clients. And we can scale to handle any size project.
Lease Data Repository

REAPTM is a comprehensive yet intuitive Lease Administration system that allows you to manage both lease data and documents seamlessly.

REAPTM has been flexibly designed to support:
- Retailers
- Office
- Warehouse
- Industrial
- Multi-National
- The whole range of Tenant types


Power Features

Automated Email Reminders
Personalized Dashboard
Integrates with any system
Document Linking/Embedding
Powerful Report Builder

REAPTM provides users with multiple ways to navigate and find what they are looking for quickly and easily. No need to navigate through hierarchies or make sure you’re in the right place before beginning a search. And REAPTM's integration with Adobe AcrobatTM allows you to navigate directly to the relevant section of all lease documents.

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Bundled Services

NTrust provides the full range of technical and back office services to get your system up and running fast.

NTrust's services include:
- Lease Data Migration and Clean-up
- Lease Abstraction
- Ongoing Lease Data Maintenance
- Full Service Lease Administration
- Acquisition/Disposition

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REAPTM is the most comprehensive, easy to use, and cost effective system to use for Lease Administrators.

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Flexible, Affordable, Powerful

Real Estate Asset and Portfolio ManagerTM

REAP is the most affordable and most comprehensive corporate Lease Administration platform available. REAP offers features and functionality well beyond any competitors on the market today – at a cost per lease that is competitive with packages that are far less capable.

REAP's comprehensive modules can all be configured to meet your business needs:

Power Features

Powerful, Affordable, Flexible

Dashboard for
Every User

Drag and Drop Components so every user can configure their dashboard based on their role. This includes both data and all your reminders and upcoming activity dates.

Strategic Decision Support

With ability to create multi-attributes per property and lease, it is easy to create roll-up reports across portfolios by property type, lease type, location type, and more.

Query BuilderTM

REAP's Query BuilderTM provides users with the ability to create detailed custom reports on the fly. Users can build reports quickly, apply filters and sorts against any field, and view the results on screen. Once you’re happy with the report you can save it and either share it with others or keep in your report library.

Shared Custom Filters and Searches

Now you can share your custom filters and searches across users so everyone can look at the same information in a common format. No more printing and emailing reports. Your team members can setup views to share with every other member, and even save and re-use them at will.

Product Features

Powerful, Affordable, Flexible

100% Fully Secure Remote Access

REAPTM is Cloud-based and securely accessible by users from anywhere at any time. No software to download, and all you need is a web browser.

Totally Automated Email Reminders

REAPTM has a versatile and highly configurable email alert system. It allows you setup a workflow around these alerts, ensuring that there's always someone keeping an eye on them. Never miss a critical date again.

Online Context Sensitive Help

Help, when and where you need it. With REAPTM’s context sensitive help you are taken right to the help section you need to access. And REAPTM’s help is totally searchable.

Interface with AP/AR System

Web-Service interfaces across the application allow you to have a seamless two-way interface with a variety of systems. REAPTM can send data to or receive data from your ERP, Accounting, Finance, or Sales systems.

Bundled Services

Powerful, Affordable, Flexible

Implementation Services

NTrust provides standard implementation services AT NO ADDITIONAL COST with your subscription to REAPTM. These services include:

  • Configuration of field labels
  • Configuration of all Picklist values
  • Configuration of Workflows
  • Configuration of Alerts
  • Configuration of User Roles

Data Migration Services

NTrust can provide lease data aggregation services from multiple sources. We have successfully migrated lease data from:

  • Excel Workbooks
  • Word Documents
  • PDF Documents
  • Legacy Systems
  • Outdated Lease Admin systems
  • Any of our competitors systems
Lease Data Services

NTrust provides the full range of lease data services to our clients. With our ISO and SSAE 16 Type II certifications, we are a natural choice for our clients to choose for services that are cost effective and high quality:

  • Full Lease Administration Services including annual Desktop Audits
  • Lease Abstraction Services
  • Lease Data Clean-up services for portfolio acquisitions
  • Ongoing Lease Data maintenance for amendments, options, and other lease events

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Powerful, Affordable, Flexible

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